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Cardinal Law LLC was formed with one goal in mind – To help clients. Attorney Nicholas Cardinal strives to help his clients navigate difficult legal dilemmas with cost-effective solutions. Cardinal Law is located in Hudson, OH servicing the local area and surrounding cities specializing in Criminal Defense, Estate Planning & Probate, Business Law & Startups, Real Estate & Foreclosure, Family Law & Divorce.


Give us a call today for your free consultation at 330-653-5763

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Nick was very responsive and very professional to meet my needs for settling my old property with the new buyer of my home.  His professional letter was very specific and helped me enormously to help settle an issue with the buyer in a non-confrontational manner.  Thanks to Nick Cardinal, my stress over the matter was completely handled.  I will go to Nick again with any other matters of legal concern.  You should too in great confidence.

[/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”Amy M.”]

Grateful for Nick Cardinal and his skills in dealing with family negotiations and traffic violations. Given his patience and expertise, the family matter was resolved expeditiously and painlessly! In traffic court, my teenager had both charges dismissed, learned an important lesson from Nick and the court, all while providing a significant savings on increased insurance premiums! Even when you are impatient and stressed, Nick remains calm and collected.

[/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”Lauren D.”]

Nick helps our real estate company with many of our legal needs and I have to say he knows his stuff, he is extremely efficient and always very professional. Highly recommend him for any of your legal needs!

[/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”Ricky R.”]

Always been an extremely sharp guy as long as I’ve known him. His professionalism speaks for itself and he very much shows how much he cares for clients. Nothing but the highest compliments of professionalism.

[/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”Christina C.”]

Excellent and professional. Nick prepared estate documents from my husband and I. The process was quick and easy. Highly recommend.

[/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”Sean H.”]

Great lawyer, well versed in almost any area of law. Used multiple times with much success. Reasonable rates too!

[/trx_testimonials_item][trx_testimonials_item name=”John O.”]

Shout out to the man Nick Cardinal. I was coming home from the airport late one night and got nailed going 86 in a 60. Well that’s an automatic court appearance and probably 4 points and a suspension. Most know with my schedule a court appearance would be pretty difficult with my work schedule so Nick went and represented me so I didn’t have to go. Long story short my man gets it dropped to a broken head light. Nick is legit and super talented so I recommend him if any of you ever have this situation or any other legal issues I highly recommend using Nick. I was never left in limbo wondering what was next. Thanks again Nick!